I have been taking pictures for over forty years. My work has been mainly thematic, making images as a series. I have a relatively specific approach to what I choose to make pictures of, and I rely heavily on atmospherics, dramatic lighting and strong storylines to convey an individual style. A lot of my personal work is taken either in isolated places or of buildings and landscapes that are well past their ‘sell-by’ date. A lot of my work is monochrome, using both digital and darkroom processes, depending on the ‘feel’ I want from the finished print.

I hold two RPS Fellowships, one for pictorial images taken of the mill towns in Lancashire and Yorkshire and the other for Darkroom printing. I belong to the ARENA group of photographers and am a member of The London Salon. There have been two books of my images published: "Shadows of Change" and "Five Essays". My work has been exhibited in London, Dublin, Birmingham, Reading, Manchester, Gloucester and Belfast.

Now semi-professional, much of my work involves teaching photography and running workshops in the UK. I worked as a tutor for Jessops until 2010 and now work as a tutor and lecturer for Permajet. I am listed in the PAGB handbook for talks and lectures for photographic societies in the UK.

Leigh Preston FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB